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Change Orders Seminar

Change orders will not probably occur on every construction project of any size, they will occur. This is an assertion, to be sure, but the point is, change orders are a normal part of the construction process. Change orders arise from the people and procedures that make up today's construction project. The owners, developers and architects who acknowledge this fact of construction life will be more effective in putting their emotions aside in dealing with changes quickly and effectively.

Construction change orders are an unwanted, but inevitable reality of construction.This seminar will present all aspects of the change order process from both the owner’s and contractor’s perspective, including searching for and minimizing change orders. Upon completion of this seminar the attendee will be able to identify, prepare and document the change order process.

Seminar Agenda

  • Industry and Contract Environment
    • Construction Trends Affecting Claims
    • Overview and Practical Understanding of Contracts
    • Contracts and Power Positions
  • Strategies for Applying Construction Contracts
    • Rules of Contract Interpretation
    • Applying Construction Contracts
    • Reasons for Change Orders
    • Changes vs. Contract Type
  • Points of View on Changes
  • Types of Change Orders
  • Change Order Impact
    • Project Schedule
    • Cost of Time
    • Time Extensions
    • Productivity
  • Change Order Administration
  • Developing and Implementing a Change Order Management Program
  • Change Orders and Claims
  • Documentation
  • Strategies to Avoid or Mitigate Change Orders
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