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Construction Management

JBF provides “Owner Representation” services for all phases of design and construction-from project concept through project completion and closeout. Services are focused on project planning, budget adherence and cost control, scheduling, identification and project time constraints, change order and claims mitigation while meeting the quality requirements of the contract documents.

Value Management

Provides a structured and systematic approach to achieving the necessary functions of a project at the highest resulting value. Unlike traditional Value Engineering that focuses only on design and construction, JBF utilizes the established concepts of Value Management as a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the project from the project feasibility study, financing plan and costs, project design and construction tp thorough project operation.

Throughout the design and bid process, JBF will suggest changes in the plans or specifications in order to create substantial cost and schedule savings, as well as efficient means and methods. These changes may involve substitution of materials, change / improvement to the design, reductions in quantities, or procedures other than those set forth and required by the contract documents. Value engineering allows our clients to take advantage of JBF’s extensive knowledge and experience to cut the cost and time of the project to the lowest practicable level without compromising the functionality, or sacrificing the quality or reliability of the work.

Scheduling and Cost Control

The sole objective of scheduling and cost control is straightforward-complete the project on time and within budget. Bringing projects in on time and under budget is the main focus of the services that JBF provides to the owner. Successful projects start with well defined schedules and cost control plans that are realistic and well thought out. JBF provides design and support of systems that are capable of starting and maintaining schedules and costs within the parameters set early on. During this process, we give prime consideration to solving problems while considering related and future needs.

Pre-Construction Phase (Conceptual Services)
  • Define project objectives and constraints (user requirements, design goals).
  • Assist in site evaluation, selection, and acquisition.
  • Develop conceptual / preliminary budget.
  • Prepare conceptual “Milestone” schedule.
  • Assist Owner in evaluation and selection of Architect / Engineer.
  • Define scope of services.
  • Interface with local municipalities regarding planning and permits.
  • Risk identification and mitigation.
  • Evaluate project insurance requirements.
  • Define project delivery system traditional design / bid / build, phased fast track, construction manager (CM), multiple prime contracts, design / build, guaranteed maximum price.
  • Review Constructibility, Contractibility and Construction Phasing.
  • Assist Owner in selection and qualification of the Contractor.
Design Development Phase Services (Design Management)
  • Review cost estimates at schematic, design development, and 95% completion of final design and contract document development.
  • Monitor design process.
  • Review / refine Project “Milestone” Schedule and prepare “ Master Project Schedule”.
Contract Document Phase Services (Contractability Services)
  • Conduct Owner reviews of drawings and specifications.
  • Review / advise on preparation of construction contracts.
  • Review / prepare bid packages.
  • Review / refine “Master Project Schedule” for inclusion of “Milestone Dates” into contract documents.
  • Develop scheduling and contract administration terms and conditions for inclusion into the contract documents.
Bidding Phase Services
  • Oversee the Pre-qualification of Contractors and Vendors.
  • Compare and analyze bids and proposals.
  • Assist in contractor selection and award.
  • Assist in contract negotiations.
Construction Phase (Project Management)
  • Conduct pre-construction conference.
  • Review and implement testing and quality procedures with Architect, Engineer and Contractor.
  • Develop and monitor shop drawing review schedule with Architect, Engineer and Contractor.
  • Review Contractor’s “As Planned” construction schedule and procurement schedule.
  • Develop and maintain As-Built documents and schedule.
  • Monitor construction progress and conduct progress meetings with Architect / Engineer and Contractor.
  • Review Contractor’s resource loaded schedule and monthly schedule updates.
  • Monitor timeliness of Architect / Engineer responses to “Requests for Information” (RFI).
  • Review and administer progress payments.
  • Track actual costs versus budgeted costs, recommend cost reduction and control measures.
  • Review project correspondence, change orders, and claim submittals. Make recommendations to Owner for resolution of claims and disputes.
  • Coordinate and review change orders and evaluate cost and time impacts to the project.
  • Develop and maintain a “Punch List” in conjunction with Architect / Engineer.
Post-Construction Phase (Project Close-Out)
  • Obtain all As-Built information.
  • Monitor and administer “Project Close-Out Activities” including Architect / Engineer’s issuance of certificates of Substantial Completion.
  • Coordinate completion of punch list work scopes, start-up and commissioning of systems.
  • Review and coordinate all final lien waivers, submittals by Contractor of guarantees / warranties along with operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Coordinate and attend final “walk-through” inspections.
  • Coordinate and schedule Owner occupancy.
  • Review Contractor’s application for final payment.
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